Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Jumpsuit that's not a jumpsuit. . .


So today I decided to take you back to a piece that I made pre blog but that I am so proud of.  

My Maxi Dress

I must apologise for the terrible picture, I may actually redo these!

So this is the dress that wasn't meant to be a dress.  I bought Vogue Misses Jumpsuit Pattern 1249 

with the intention of making just that, a jumpsuit, but I couldn't find a fabric I liked at the time.  Simultaneously I fell in love with this knit fabric:

And the idea of a maxi dress based on the pattern was born.  Now at this point I had sewn one item of clothing for myself and I needed this dress for a night out the following weekend so not only were the pattern and my timescale fairly ambitious in the first place changing the pattern should have scared the 'beep' out of me but it didn't so let me tell you what I did. 

Here's a view of the front taken from the Vogue pattern sleeve.

I was going to show you the pictures of the pattern pieces but I think in maybe not allowed to do that so I'll try and talk you through it.

The Bodice
Fully lined in the same fabric
Sizing I cut a 14 on top based on my measurements.

The main differences in the pattern and my construction are:

1) As I made it in a knit fabric I had no need for a zip which as a newbie was quite good news for me.

2)  The bodice is intended to be made in 5 pieces. 1 front, 2 side front, 2 side back and 2 back however due to the absence of a zip I was able to make the back in one piece. (This doesn't include the lining which was separate) 

3) I added straps. Simple enough to do.  I chose the bra I intended to wear with it and once my bodice was nearly completed (prior to attaching the lining) I decided where I wanted the straps to sit, how wide I wanted them to be how long I needed them to be and then cut out 2 strips of fabric, rectangles, to the width and length I needed them plus 5/8" seam allowance. I folded right sides together lengthwise, and sewed down the edge.  Then turned right side out, ironed and set into the bodice. 

4) I wasn't going to keep the grill along the bust but cut it out anyway to try it and I loved it so kept it. 

The skirt
Unlined as the fabric was heavy enough not to need it
Size I cut the largest size in order to make it as full as possible.

1) Instead of cutting 2 trouser legs on the fold, I still lay the pattern on the fold but I didn't cut the crotch out.  I extended the width of the waist by cutting from the fold straight across to the top of the pattern and over.

2) Before attaching to the bodice I created box pleats in the front as gathers are not very flattering for me but I obviously needed to make the skirt for to bodice properly. 

I'm really hoping all this makes sense?  This is definitely a patten I intended to use again both in the same manner to make another maxi dress and to make a jumpsuit too.  Perfect for  Project 2014!  The actual jumpsuit utilises boning which is something I'd love to get my teeth into. 

So what do you think? 

Thank you for reading, Gem xx

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