Sunday, 10 November 2013

Ohhh Lulu knickers . . . .

Hello everyone, loooooookkkk!!!

finally got my first pair of knickers cut out ready to sew, what do you think? 

They look huge but let's pretend that's because of the camera angle and not because my bum needs lots of fabric to cover it!  In reality the frilly fabric matches the other fabric fairly well, that is just bad photography making it look otherwise.

This is my tester pair but if they fit I can see I will be making loads.  Full review of the pattern and pictures of the final product coming soon!! 

As you know I've set myself a challenge for 2014 you can  read about it here and join the Facebook page Here I really want to be wearing my 'Ohhh Lulu' knickers all year!! 

Have you made your own lingerie at all?  I'm interested in trying bras out too but the thought is a bit scary at the moment.  

I debated over whether to add this next picture but it's made me giggle so it might make you aswell.  Ok so the pattern calls for a small piece of Jersey for the crotch lining but could I lay my hands on some plain jersey? No so my pants will be lined with this:  

Hehe at least there's a purple spider so it kind of matches right? 

Thanks for coming by, Gem xx

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