Thursday, 7 November 2013

5 things . . .

Hello all!

Today I bring you my first '5 Things' post.  5 is the number of unfinished projects I have on the go at the moment and is my cut off point.  I won't start anything new until I have completed some of these.  I'm telling you this so you can feel free to give me a shove and tell me of if I don't stick to it!
It's a one in one out kind of deal.  When something is completed something new can begin.

Ok so let's see:

I gave you a sneaky peak of this but no more information.  I can reveal this will be a beautiful circle skirt.  It still needs a waistband, a zip and hemmed.  Not much then haha. 


My first pair of Ohhh Lulu knickers still need to be started!


The Vite Cowl still needs to be blocked (I meant to do this last night but got distracted) and sewn together (I couldn't find my darning needle grrrrr) 


Ok so this is a long term project.  I've cut out the pattern and decided on the view I'm making. C, minus the tabs and with a few adjustments. I have fabric ready to make my toile so that will be cut out shortly.  Expect more on this over the next couple of weeks.


This is another knitting project I started just last night, it won't take me long to complete once Mr Smithero picks up new wool for me today.  It's called Leaving on the Edge. <---- just click for the link to the pattern

What have you guys got on the go at the moment? Feel free to comment I love a good chat, Gem xx

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