Friday, 1 August 2014

Busy, busy, busy indeed!

It's been a busy ol' week in the Gemscar household I can tell you.  I've even had hubby in on the crafting act.  Let's start with that actually.  

Ibought some iron on transfers from eBay about a million years ago to go onto t shirts for the kids but I just never seemed to get round to it. 

So cue me being all persuasive and convincing hubby to do it so I could get on with other things tee hee!

We bought 2 packs of 2 plain white tshirts from the back to school Asda range and hubby set to it.  We decided that our daughter would have a Rainbow Brite one and also a Minions one and bit child would get a minions one.

They took about 15 minutes fom cutting out to drying so a super quick project. 

What do you think? Didn't he do well? 

Meanwhile I was working on my second Colette Patterns Sorbetto.

This time round I used a lightweight, sheer kind of crepe in navy with bows and ready made white bias binding.  

The fabric was cheap as chips and bought from eBay but it was a while ago so I can't be sure of the price sorry!

So yeah this version has no front pleat, which I'm a bit sad about as it was my favourite feature on the first one, because when I last used the pattern I folded the pleat when I was marking up the fabric and I forgot to fold it back! Oops!! 

Even though I used fabric with bows on it, for some reason with the white binding on this I get a nautical feel about it. 

Construction wise apart from the missing pleat it's the same as my first one so I won't go into that.  

Not my most flattering pic is it? But it's the only one I have for now so it'll have to do! 

Also this week I have been working on some cute, retro tie headbands for one of my friends little ones.  

I drafted a pattern myself and have made three with another 2 to do.

This is the first one on the machine.  Incidentally this is the last picture of my machine, Sadie, in action as she has now gone on to a better place.  RIP Sadie.  The fabric is a green checked poly cotton I bought from my 'dealer'.  It was only £2.50pm!

Number 2 of the bands is my favourite so far.

Do you like the fancy stitching? This was done on my new (as yet unnamed) machine. I've called this pattern 'trailing leaves'.  This material was from the awesome Dunelm Mill and was £4.99pm.  I have plenty of this left and reckon Ill do myself a similar headband! 

How cool is this navy and white polka dot cotton? This was gifted to me by a friend.  I used it initially to make my little girl a dress but had plenty of it left and I knew my friend would love it! 

Next on the cutting table was this:

Destined to become a knit version of Gerties Portrait blouse, it is now finished but I'll do another post on that for you.

Phew! Busy, busy, busy indeed! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Butterflies and glasses

So this week I have been continuing on with my unselfish sewing.  Well actually one project wasn't sewing but drawing with Dylon pens but I'll explain that later.  

Ages ago, like months *hangs head in shame*, my mum made a simple request for a little pouch that she could pop her glasses in when she didn't need them at work.  She didn't want anything rigid as she needed to be able to pop it in her pocket and it didn't need to be protective in any way, told you a SIMPLE request.  I had ideas for it straight away but other projects seemed more exciting so I put it on the back burner and then. . . . I forgot!
She reminded me last week though and I felt so bad I gave it priority. 

This little baby took 10 minutes to cut out and another 15 to sew (purely due to swapping feet for the zip) so I do feel bad it took so long but hopefully she will like it.  As you can see its nothing fancy to put together but I forgot to take pics as I went.  I do intend to do a tutorial for one of these soon though so if you are a new sewist you might want to look out for it. 

My second 'make' this week was this butterfly design tshirt for my little lady.

I cheated and used a rtw (ready to wear) tshirt that I picked up at the supermarket and some Dylon pens.  Again I am going to do a little tutorial for how I did this so keep an eye out for that.  As you can see my drawing isn't exactly amazing but I only intended it to be a quick project to cheer up Cordelia so 'job done' I think! 

Next on the list I will be creating a little template and making so retro tie baby headbands for a friends little and also I am working on another Sweet Tea Tunic.

So what you working on just now? Gem xx

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Sweet Tea Tunic - Some unselfish sewing for my girly.

Ok so as per my last post, when I told you I had decided the universe wanted me to get on with some unselfish sewing, I got started on this fantastic little pattern/ tutorial which was a freebie from the lovely Shauna at Shwin & Shwin called The Sweet Tea Tunic  

It comes in one size only as she made it for her little and kindly shared and since the one size was age 5/6 (which my tooty wears) I thought I'd give it a crack!

Ps I borrowed this image from The  Shwin & Shwin blog.

First thing Id like to say is that, because it's only printed on 4 pages, taping this pattern together was a dream.  It's the part of the process which I usually enjoy least as I hardly ever get all the number bits lined up properly.  I still manage to make patterns work but that's by the by.  

Printing the pattern, putting it together and cutting it out took no time at all so I was well chuffed as I got to working I bit super quick.

For this top I chose this red and white polka dot fabric, that I was gifted a while back, for the yokes including the lining. I didn't have much of it as it was used by my gift giver first but I had enough for this so I was chuffed to bits.

I've paired it with this really cute cotton poplin that I got from Dunelm Mill for the skirt part. It was either £4.99 or £5.99 a metre, I can't actually remember but they still have it in the store I go to so I may well get more.

So cutting into the fabric was completely drama free.  Everything worked out as it should and I was set to sew fairly quickly.  (It's only 6 pieces yay!) 

For the pattern and instructions go to this post here, they are also linked further up the post (I don't want anyone missing out) They are super easy to follow so this can be made by any level of sewer from beginner up I would say.

So my favourite thing about this pattern is the use of lining on the bodice and bias binding on the inside seams and around the arm holes so every raw edge is contained! 

Looky (ignore the shadow) aren't the inside seams beautiful?

The bias bound hemline. 

Bias bound armholes.  My sewing is a tad squiffy here oops!

This means the inside is as pretty as the outside! 

So yeah I love this little top but does my little lady? 

Yes! She really does! 



Thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave me a wee comment, I read all of them and reply as much as possible, Gem xx

Bad sewing week made better by chocolate!

Oh wow, do you ever have one of those weeks when every single thing you do just turns to utter rubbish??

This week I was merrily working way on the peplum version of the Kitschy Coo Lady Skater in my beautiful birds fabric when I completely messed up the neckline! 

I was taking the easy route (which I have been trying so hard lately not to do) and using my overlocker to attach the binding and low and behold because I wasn't paying attention I ended up with a fold that got sewn and just looked all together pants!  So I spent over and hour trying to carefully pick it off again.  I shall also point out that I was doing the unpicking while my youngest napped and my eldest was watching a movie, or so I thought.  What she was actually doing, when I had my head down, was eating a blue felt top pen *sigh* By this point I was thoroughly fed up so I decided, in my wisdom, that after I had cleaned her up I would cut out the peplum and prepare that instead.  

This all went without a hitch so that evening I added the skirt and made the same bloody mistake again!!! To say I wasn't impressed would be an understatement!!! In a fit of frustration I though 'I'll try it on that'll cheer me up and spur me on!' Except no, it didn't because the fabric is quite thin and catches every bulge of my body.  The phrase 'pig in a frock' comes to mind! So now that project is sitting unfinished on Connie as I can't bring myself to do anymore to something I won't wear (if I was texting this I would insert a sad face)

So as if this wasn't enough of a disaster I had also cut out Anna bodices from 2 different fabrics to make dresses for myself and discovered after sewing one up that I had traced the completely wrong size so it didn't fit at all! The one I sewed up was really pretty though so I have popped it to the side in the hope that either I will fit someone else or I'll loose a bit of weight and be able to wear it myself at some point. But ugh, seriously, I was on fire with mistakes this week because I then started  making another one, in the right size, and ran out of fabric! Argh then I gave up!! I'm totally blaming the weather for all this!!

decided though that instead of being too upset Id have a day or two off during which I ate lots of chocolate including these awesome Churros with melted chocolate and caramel dips from a fantastic place in Inverness called So Coco. 

During this time I also started to think that maybe this might be the universes way of prompting me to do some 'unselfish' sewing for a bit. (Since my sewing for me was going so badly) So on my unselfish to do list are 1) a glasses case for my mama 2) some retro headbands for a friend baby and 3) a new top for my girlie! 

What do you reckon? 

Thanks for popping by! 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Sorbetto # 1

 So I finally got myself together and made a Colette Sorbetto.  If you've not heard of it, have you been living under a rock?, click here -> Colette , to go directly to the free PDF.

Initially I arranged to do a sewalong for this but due to many, many, at home issues including a teething baby, an at home accident and the kids summer holidays, I really dropped the ball and lagged behind everyone else as I just couldn't get time to do it.  Which in hindsight is ridiculous because it is such a quick make especially If, like me, you cheat and use shop bought bias binding.  I am not going to apologise for this fact, oh no, because I am a complete convert to it! It's soooooo stupidly easy to use and looks amazing and crisp when finished!

Ok anyhoo, back to the subject matter at hand (wow I ramble, sorry bout that).

In my birthday post I showed you this material bought from Dunelm.

I was gonna make a skirt but sacked that of in favour for the Sorbetto so ignore the zip peeps.

Right off the bat it shall tell you that my version is probably a lot longer than others you have seen and that is because I'm long in the body so I adapt every pattern by adding between 2 an 4" to the length.  I am so glad I used 4 for this particular project as it means my beautiful (In my opinion) top can tuck into my shorts-win!

Putting the pattern together was amazingly easy as it's only 2 pieces.  The pattern recommends making bias binding but as I said up there ^^, somewhere, I cheated and bought some.  I used a black 1" and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

I got mine from a local craft shop called Bee Crafty but you can get it all over the place.

Attaching the BB was super easy. 

Here is the first part of my BB sewn on (I I used it for the neckline and also both armholes btw) I then ironed it and top stitched it all the way round.

It looks super sleek doesn't it?  Also check out that sneaky front pleat.  Because I used such a busy material it's not the easiest thing to see in pics, well in real life it's also pretty subtle, but it is there and I love this touch.  It's my favourite part of the Sorbetto actually. 

I finished it hem with BB too, what do you think?

Woops you can't really see it but you get the gist right?

Also I totally forgot to take a pic of it tucked into shorts when I wore it but here is a rough idea of how it looks tucked in (minus that awesome BB) to my Zebra skirt. 

In conclusion I ADORE this pattern and it's on my to do list to make again.  Have you made this too? Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you have so I can have a nosey.

Ok all, bye for now and thanks for reading, Gem xx

Friday, 11 July 2014

Birthday spends


It was my birthday in June and my husbands wonderful grandparents gave me some money so I of course treated myself to fabric.  I guess you won't be surprised to know I hot footed it down to Asda for some more duvet covers to work with? 

This time I bought 3 sets.  One is black and white zebras, one is a minty green and pink bird set (you saw it Here) and the last one is a pinky peachy gingham number.  

The best thing about using duvet covers, in my opinion, is that you can make so much with them!

As mentioned in my last post I was chosen to be a tester for Sew Caroline I used the birds to make up a Picnic Skirt which is what I was testing. 

As soon as I finished that I just knew I need another so please welcome Zebras on a Picnic.

I really like this pattern and can't wait t share my thoughts on it with you!

So as I mentioned these duvets have a much fabric you really can do loads with them. 

Here's a sneak peak of my currents WIPs, recognise any fabric?

In this little pile so far there are 2 Anna bodices, a Bluegingerdoll Vintage headscarf (that's a free PDF by the way) and a Kitschy Coo Lady Skater dress/top.

The one on the left is also a birthday purchase. 

With this I am making a peplum version of Kitschy Coo Lady Skater Dress. I'm really excited about this.  It's hopefully going to be a wearable muslin and is actually a practise run for a top I hope to wear to a good friends Hen Party which is coming soon. 

The last fabric I bought was this one from Dunelm Mill.

I originally thought I would make another Picnic skirt with it (hence the zip) but I changed my mind and used it to make my first Colette Sorbetto ~ this deserves a post of it's own so watch out for that!

Well I best get back to working on my WIPs, have a good day everyone, Gem xxx

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Birds Picnic Skirt

Hey all

I'm still working out how to redo the blog so it's more user friendly but I'm not exactly technically savvy so you will have to bare with me.

In the meantime what's say I give you a little looky at the Picnic Skirt which I was lucky enough to be asked to test by Caroline at Sew Caroline

I am working on a full review post of this but can't share until the pattern has been released. 

The fabric is used is ANOTHER Asda duvet cover.  I have decided to use them for muslins as much as possible because if they turn out well then they are so pretty and wearable.  

So do you like? 

Thanks guys, Gem xx