Sunday, 20 July 2014

Bad sewing week made better by chocolate!

Oh wow, do you ever have one of those weeks when every single thing you do just turns to utter rubbish??

This week I was merrily working way on the peplum version of the Kitschy Coo Lady Skater in my beautiful birds fabric when I completely messed up the neckline! 

I was taking the easy route (which I have been trying so hard lately not to do) and using my overlocker to attach the binding and low and behold because I wasn't paying attention I ended up with a fold that got sewn and just looked all together pants!  So I spent over and hour trying to carefully pick it off again.  I shall also point out that I was doing the unpicking while my youngest napped and my eldest was watching a movie, or so I thought.  What she was actually doing, when I had my head down, was eating a blue felt top pen *sigh* By this point I was thoroughly fed up so I decided, in my wisdom, that after I had cleaned her up I would cut out the peplum and prepare that instead.  

This all went without a hitch so that evening I added the skirt and made the same bloody mistake again!!! To say I wasn't impressed would be an understatement!!! In a fit of frustration I though 'I'll try it on that'll cheer me up and spur me on!' Except no, it didn't because the fabric is quite thin and catches every bulge of my body.  The phrase 'pig in a frock' comes to mind! So now that project is sitting unfinished on Connie as I can't bring myself to do anymore to something I won't wear (if I was texting this I would insert a sad face)

So as if this wasn't enough of a disaster I had also cut out Anna bodices from 2 different fabrics to make dresses for myself and discovered after sewing one up that I had traced the completely wrong size so it didn't fit at all! The one I sewed up was really pretty though so I have popped it to the side in the hope that either I will fit someone else or I'll loose a bit of weight and be able to wear it myself at some point. But ugh, seriously, I was on fire with mistakes this week because I then started  making another one, in the right size, and ran out of fabric! Argh then I gave up!! I'm totally blaming the weather for all this!!

decided though that instead of being too upset Id have a day or two off during which I ate lots of chocolate including these awesome Churros with melted chocolate and caramel dips from a fantastic place in Inverness called So Coco. 

During this time I also started to think that maybe this might be the universes way of prompting me to do some 'unselfish' sewing for a bit. (Since my sewing for me was going so badly) So on my unselfish to do list are 1) a glasses case for my mama 2) some retro headbands for a friend baby and 3) a new top for my girlie! 

What do you reckon? 

Thanks for popping by! 

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