Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Sweet Tea Tunic - Some unselfish sewing for my girly.

Ok so as per my last post, when I told you I had decided the universe wanted me to get on with some unselfish sewing, I got started on this fantastic little pattern/ tutorial which was a freebie from the lovely Shauna at Shwin & Shwin called The Sweet Tea Tunic  

It comes in one size only as she made it for her little and kindly shared and since the one size was age 5/6 (which my tooty wears) I thought I'd give it a crack!

Ps I borrowed this image from The  Shwin & Shwin blog.

First thing Id like to say is that, because it's only printed on 4 pages, taping this pattern together was a dream.  It's the part of the process which I usually enjoy least as I hardly ever get all the number bits lined up properly.  I still manage to make patterns work but that's by the by.  

Printing the pattern, putting it together and cutting it out took no time at all so I was well chuffed as I got to working I bit super quick.

For this top I chose this red and white polka dot fabric, that I was gifted a while back, for the yokes including the lining. I didn't have much of it as it was used by my gift giver first but I had enough for this so I was chuffed to bits.

I've paired it with this really cute cotton poplin that I got from Dunelm Mill for the skirt part. It was either £4.99 or £5.99 a metre, I can't actually remember but they still have it in the store I go to so I may well get more.

So cutting into the fabric was completely drama free.  Everything worked out as it should and I was set to sew fairly quickly.  (It's only 6 pieces yay!) 

For the pattern and instructions go to this post here, they are also linked further up the post (I don't want anyone missing out) They are super easy to follow so this can be made by any level of sewer from beginner up I would say.

So my favourite thing about this pattern is the use of lining on the bodice and bias binding on the inside seams and around the arm holes so every raw edge is contained! 

Looky (ignore the shadow) aren't the inside seams beautiful?

The bias bound hemline. 

Bias bound armholes.  My sewing is a tad squiffy here oops!

This means the inside is as pretty as the outside! 

So yeah I love this little top but does my little lady? 

Yes! She really does! 



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  1. Well this just turned out adorable! I am a totally sucker for bias bound edges, it just makes everything so lovely!

    1. I am so happy you shared this pattern, it was so lovely to sew! I'm thinking bias bound edges on everything now!