Friday, 11 July 2014

Birthday spends


It was my birthday in June and my husbands wonderful grandparents gave me some money so I of course treated myself to fabric.  I guess you won't be surprised to know I hot footed it down to Asda for some more duvet covers to work with? 

This time I bought 3 sets.  One is black and white zebras, one is a minty green and pink bird set (you saw it Here) and the last one is a pinky peachy gingham number.  

The best thing about using duvet covers, in my opinion, is that you can make so much with them!

As mentioned in my last post I was chosen to be a tester for Sew Caroline I used the birds to make up a Picnic Skirt which is what I was testing. 

As soon as I finished that I just knew I need another so please welcome Zebras on a Picnic.

I really like this pattern and can't wait t share my thoughts on it with you!

So as I mentioned these duvets have a much fabric you really can do loads with them. 

Here's a sneak peak of my currents WIPs, recognise any fabric?

In this little pile so far there are 2 Anna bodices, a Bluegingerdoll Vintage headscarf (that's a free PDF by the way) and a Kitschy Coo Lady Skater dress/top.

The one on the left is also a birthday purchase. 

With this I am making a peplum version of Kitschy Coo Lady Skater Dress. I'm really excited about this.  It's hopefully going to be a wearable muslin and is actually a practise run for a top I hope to wear to a good friends Hen Party which is coming soon. 

The last fabric I bought was this one from Dunelm Mill.

I originally thought I would make another Picnic skirt with it (hence the zip) but I changed my mind and used it to make my first Colette Sorbetto ~ this deserves a post of it's own so watch out for that!

Well I best get back to working on my WIPs, have a good day everyone, Gem xxx

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