Sunday, 29 June 2014

My first Anna dress . . . Sort of!

Hello All!

So I say sort of in the title of this post for a reason.  I started out planning to make the midi version of Anna from By Hand London with the V-Neck however, and this is a rookie error, I didn't have enough fabric to create the skirt, oops!  In the end I drafted a simple skirt for it and added gathers and voila it worked!

The Bodice

So I started by measuring myself up an decided I needed to trace out one size at the bust and grade to the next size up at the waist.  

This was easy enough to do and I then cut my pieces out of the bottom material.

I ended up with 6 pieces; the bodice front, 2 bodice back, a facing for the V in the front neckline and 2 facing for the back of the neckline.  

The pattern called for facings and I have to say they are my method of choice for finishing as I feel it's a lot cleaner and sharper than using bias binding. 

The construction was really easy and the pattern is a doddle to follow.  

I particularly love how the pleats in the front look.

The Skirt

Once the bodice was fully constructed I went onto the skirt.  I used the top fabric in the first picture (don't fret I ironed it first) and simply cut round my drafted A-line skirt pattern, first on the fold for the front piece and then I cut mirror images for the back for a zip to be added.  

(Slight oopsy with the lack of patternmatching! Must try harder)

End Result

Despite 2 mistakes (not enough fabric and the afore mentioned lack of pattern matching) I have to say I'm chuffed to bits with the end result and have more of these baby's planned.  Going forward I will grade the bodice down a size as the it was a little bit bigger than I need but I adore the Anna shape so many variations will follow.

Thanks for stopping by, Gem xxx

Monday, 23 June 2014

Toy Story Central!

Hey all

So sorry for the radio silence but unfortunately a week past Saturday my poor little boy had to be rushed off to hospital after pulling a cup of fresh made black tea over himself.  It was one of those awful, time stopping, life changing moments when you wish you could rewind time. 

Thankfully after a long week of hospital and doctors visits my wee man is well and truly on the mend and as it was only superficial burns he won't be left with any scars.  Can I hear a 'Yay!'?

So this week has been Toy Story Central as it's Squishs' favourite movies as you can see by the fact that we have 3 of these:

Jessie is my Mr's favourite character and because he keeps losing them we have had to buy 3 and now we have found them all again haha. 

Now as he said he is mending so I will be back and my machine from tonight!

Thanks for popping in, Gem xxx

Friday, 13 June 2014

Stash stories ~ New Knits!

Oooh some lovely lushness arrived on my doorstep, delivered direct from my 'dealer' Hehe I do love calling her that!  

Far left: Dark grey butterfly interlock
My current plan for this beauty is to make a Closet Case Files Nettie  bodysuit OR I have been toying with the idea of playing with another pattern I already own but it's a wee secret so we'll see! 

Next up we have the houndstooth interlock, again I'm thinking Nettie for this? Ideas for this one would be much appreciated! 

Below this is some power mesh, now I've never used this before but I'm thinking KNICKERS!!!

Far right is some lace backed knit in a gorgeous butterfly print! Isn't it amazing??! So far my plans are just to stroke this!  I can't see further than the stroking haha! 

I do love me some knits don't you?  

Thanks for stopping by, Gem xx

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Asda are showing off my make!


Find the article online Here and check out their social media outlets later if you wanna see me again hehe.

About a week ago you will remember that I finished my Pinup Dress made from the Asda Duvet cover.  Well Trina from Asda saw it on Instagram, contacted me and asked for my feedback!

It's all been very exciting!!! I've been smiling about it for days! 

Have a good one everyone! Gem xx

Monday, 9 June 2014

Cynthia Rowley 1873 completed ~ The Pinup Girl Dress

Hoorah, hoorah she is complete!! And I wore her today and I love her!!!!!

Worn with Asda wedges and a belt I borrowed from my mama.

I am so proud of this make.  I wore it yesterday to go and collect my daughter from my mums and decided it was so pretty I needed to go out for a nice coffee at Brodie Country Fayre.  I'm pleased and geekily excited to say there were lots of looks from other ladies and I think (so did hubby) that it was well received.  

Now I do admit that I struggled not to scream out loud 'it's a duvet cover from Asda' and 'you can make one too' at anyone who gave it a second glance but in the end (with a bit of help from full mouth due to a scrummy prawn wrap) I did manage to hold it in.

I have realised today that I'm not a very good model.  I honestly didn't know how to pose so you're getting the best of a bad lot here including pictures complete with a gnome . . . . Don't ask! 

'I would like to thank my adoring fans and public for this most prestigious award (an Asda Gnome ~ I do promise I'm not sponsored by Asda haha)'

So back to the dress.  I've been making this forever so you guys know by now that's it's a Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 1873 creation with a gathered skirt rather than pleats, reason being I couldn't get the material to hold the pleats properly.  I really enjoyed making it this and I see a few more in my future possibly even one with the afore mentioned missing pleats.   I will most definitely be using sheets again too because for one they are so big cutting out is easy peasy! Plus talk about cheap!!

Next up on my sewing table is the Colette Sorbetto which is for my sewalong (if you missed my last posts on this you can find them here - Sewalong  and here - Part 1 ) I'm going to make my wearable muslin out of the same sheets as this dress actually so yay for lots of material!

As ever I thank you for taking the time to read today, have a good one, Gem xxx

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Help me!!!!!!

Last week I started showing you my current stash and talking through ideas I was having for it.  I would welcome any input from you guys with what you'd like to see me make so either comment here, email me @ or fb me (I'm super contactable haha)

Ok so next up to show you I have this stunning piece of genuine, vintage silk from China.  It was originally bought in 1967.

Isn't it beautiful? It's so so soft to touch!  This was given to me as a gift from a wonderful lady who used to taxi myself and Bug to the next town over 3 times a week as Bug attended a School for children with additional needs there and at the time couldn't deal with the bus.  Anyhow I digress.  She gave me this on the condition that I make something for one of her favourite little passengers but I'm so stuck what to do with it that will so it justice! She told me her mother made her pjs when it was first bought and they sounded beautiful but I think maybe I have 'first cut' fear! All I've managed to do with it so far is stroke it! Haha. Help me please!!!! 

Thanks all, Gem xx

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mothers Day outfit for Bug ~ slightly late!!!

I know, I know Mothers Day (UK) was agggggeessss ago! But at the time I just wasn't getting a chance to blog so although I was sewing I wasn't showing (<---- poetry included for free) 

I had the fabric for this in my stash from last year and was yet to cut into it as I just couldn't decide what to make.  Look it's Tweety Pie AND Rainbows!!

In the end I went for a sleeveless version of The Claire top by Shwin Designs which I was lucky enough to pattern test last year. 

In this version I made covered buttons for the first time which were super easy to do! 

I also added 2 lovely little extras of pink ric rac round the neck line and bottom of the skirt then green around the frill. 

It turned out so well I decided to make her another one in some poly cotton I bought from a lady on Facebook.  This time I decided to go big on the frill and leave out the skirt and instead make a separate skirt so she can wear it to look like a dress, as a top or just as a skirt. 

I have made other versions too so I'll show you them another day but I definitely recommend this pattern. 

Please feel free to drop me a line or say 'hi' I love comments!

Thank you, Gem xx

Ps: just to let you know all the opinions in this post are my own and were in no way influenced by anyone else :) 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Organisation and Part 1 of my Stash Stories (Knits Part 1)

Please tell me I'm not alone in the need to constantly reorganise my fabric stash?

am hoping once a good system comes along I will no long feel the need to do it so much but as it stands it's a weekly task.  

Today I decided to start photographing everything so I could keep an electronic record of everything I have, like a library. I also think I might print off the pics and put them into notebooks where I can write down what I wish to make with them.  

Does anyone else do this? How do you find it works? What's your system? 

I think I might combine this with a weekly post so you guys can offer up suggestions of possible makes and/or other ways to store or catalogue it all.  

No time like the present to start so let's have a look at my current collection of knits (I actually have more coming in the next week too so I'll update that at a later date). 

Ok so first: 

I have just over a metre of this black stretch lace (and 10metres of picot is in the pic too incase you're wondering) which I bought last week from a little shop I found in Forres last week called Varis Crafts.  I think it was £6.99 and the picot 30p per metre.  I'm thinking I could either use it in conjunction with another knit for a Closet Case Files Nettie bodysuit or go down the obvious route and make knickers.  What do you think?

(Little lady hands like to stroke this one)

I think I have about a metre and a half of this plummy coloured ruffle knit left.  I *think* I bought it on Etsy a while ago so I can't remember how much I paid for it.  You might recognise it from when I was making the Ohhh Lulu Grace knickers?
I keep toying with the idea of maybe making a cute little vest top with what I have left but I'm not sure it won't make me look uber busty as the girls are quite big already and the ruffles might accentuate them?? 

I have about 5metres of both the one above and the one below.

The top one is very stretchy so maybe that could also be a Nettie? The bottom one is more a t shirt material so I reckon I'll need to take a wee daunder round all my favourite pattern sites online and see what I can find.  Unless you have any ideas? 

I have a metre of each of these interlocks left.  I've used the pink and yellow already  as you see above but the white it uncut except for a tiny sliver I used to line the gusset (I hate that word) of a pair of knickers.   With only having a metre left I guess I'll either make something for one of the kids or need to combine them?

I'd love to hear what you think so drop me a comment :) 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Putting a PDF patter together: Colette Sorbetto Sewalong

Hey all

This is the first post in the Colette Sorbetto SewAlong as mentioned yesterday.  Print your free download from here 

This is how to put your pattern together once you have printed it off for those who haven't done this before. 

Your first step is to check that your test square measures the 4by4 inches that it should. 

Simply lay a ruler or measuring tape along each side to check.  If it's wrong go back and reprint the pattern.  

Next you will see each A4 sheet has a rectangle drawn on it.  Cut round these.

Each square has little triangles with numbers on them.  Match the numbers side by side . . . 

And top and bottom . . . 

And Sellotape them together. 

Your finished pattern pieces all taped together will be laid out like this. 

The next part is up to you.  Either cut out your size according to the Collete size guidelines or trace the pattern out in your size and then cut. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sorbetto Sew Along

I know most people in the sewing blogasphere have already made a Colette  Sorbetto however . . . I.HAVE.NOT * I hang my head in shame*. In an effort to rectify this I have arranged a Facebook SewAlong with members of a group I have today been promoted to admin on * yay me* 

If you fancy joining please feel free to come and join us here

And then look for the post with the link to our SewAlong event:

Please excuse the screenshots but at the moment my iPhone is the only way I can post. 

Hope to see you there, Gem xx

New month new blog name!

Morning all

Just dropping in with a quick post to explain why the blog name has changed.  Hopefully you have notice that Bug and Squish has been replaced with Gemscar Sews. 

The name and the web address have both been changed and I will be amending the Facebook page today.

In a nutshell when I started the blog I thought the focus would be clothes for my 2 littles but as my skills have developed I'm doing a lot of adult clothing too and I didn't think the original name fitted any more, so I changed it (after ALOT of thought) and I hope you like it.

So I have to go as today is puppy collection day but I will back later with news of a Facebook Sewalong I am running.

Have a good day everyone, Gem xx