Friday, 13 June 2014

Stash stories ~ New Knits!

Oooh some lovely lushness arrived on my doorstep, delivered direct from my 'dealer' Hehe I do love calling her that!  

Far left: Dark grey butterfly interlock
My current plan for this beauty is to make a Closet Case Files Nettie  bodysuit OR I have been toying with the idea of playing with another pattern I already own but it's a wee secret so we'll see! 

Next up we have the houndstooth interlock, again I'm thinking Nettie for this? Ideas for this one would be much appreciated! 

Below this is some power mesh, now I've never used this before but I'm thinking KNICKERS!!!

Far right is some lace backed knit in a gorgeous butterfly print! Isn't it amazing??! So far my plans are just to stroke this!  I can't see further than the stroking haha! 

I do love me some knits don't you?  

Thanks for stopping by, Gem xx

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