Monday, 23 June 2014

Toy Story Central!

Hey all

So sorry for the radio silence but unfortunately a week past Saturday my poor little boy had to be rushed off to hospital after pulling a cup of fresh made black tea over himself.  It was one of those awful, time stopping, life changing moments when you wish you could rewind time. 

Thankfully after a long week of hospital and doctors visits my wee man is well and truly on the mend and as it was only superficial burns he won't be left with any scars.  Can I hear a 'Yay!'?

So this week has been Toy Story Central as it's Squishs' favourite movies as you can see by the fact that we have 3 of these:

Jessie is my Mr's favourite character and because he keeps losing them we have had to buy 3 and now we have found them all again haha. 

Now as he said he is mending so I will be back and my machine from tonight!

Thanks for popping in, Gem xxx

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