Monday, 2 June 2014

Putting a PDF patter together: Colette Sorbetto Sewalong

Hey all

This is the first post in the Colette Sorbetto SewAlong as mentioned yesterday.  Print your free download from here 

This is how to put your pattern together once you have printed it off for those who haven't done this before. 

Your first step is to check that your test square measures the 4by4 inches that it should. 

Simply lay a ruler or measuring tape along each side to check.  If it's wrong go back and reprint the pattern.  

Next you will see each A4 sheet has a rectangle drawn on it.  Cut round these.

Each square has little triangles with numbers on them.  Match the numbers side by side . . . 

And top and bottom . . . 

And Sellotape them together. 

Your finished pattern pieces all taped together will be laid out like this. 

The next part is up to you.  Either cut out your size according to the Collete size guidelines or trace the pattern out in your size and then cut. 

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