Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Organisation and Part 1 of my Stash Stories (Knits Part 1)

Please tell me I'm not alone in the need to constantly reorganise my fabric stash?

am hoping once a good system comes along I will no long feel the need to do it so much but as it stands it's a weekly task.  

Today I decided to start photographing everything so I could keep an electronic record of everything I have, like a library. I also think I might print off the pics and put them into notebooks where I can write down what I wish to make with them.  

Does anyone else do this? How do you find it works? What's your system? 

I think I might combine this with a weekly post so you guys can offer up suggestions of possible makes and/or other ways to store or catalogue it all.  

No time like the present to start so let's have a look at my current collection of knits (I actually have more coming in the next week too so I'll update that at a later date). 

Ok so first: 

I have just over a metre of this black stretch lace (and 10metres of picot is in the pic too incase you're wondering) which I bought last week from a little shop I found in Forres last week called Varis Crafts.  I think it was £6.99 and the picot 30p per metre.  I'm thinking I could either use it in conjunction with another knit for a Closet Case Files Nettie bodysuit or go down the obvious route and make knickers.  What do you think?

(Little lady hands like to stroke this one)

I think I have about a metre and a half of this plummy coloured ruffle knit left.  I *think* I bought it on Etsy a while ago so I can't remember how much I paid for it.  You might recognise it from when I was making the Ohhh Lulu Grace knickers?
I keep toying with the idea of maybe making a cute little vest top with what I have left but I'm not sure it won't make me look uber busty as the girls are quite big already and the ruffles might accentuate them?? 

I have about 5metres of both the one above and the one below.

The top one is very stretchy so maybe that could also be a Nettie? The bottom one is more a t shirt material so I reckon I'll need to take a wee daunder round all my favourite pattern sites online and see what I can find.  Unless you have any ideas? 

I have a metre of each of these interlocks left.  I've used the pink and yellow already  as you see above but the white it uncut except for a tiny sliver I used to line the gusset (I hate that word) of a pair of knickers.   With only having a metre left I guess I'll either make something for one of the kids or need to combine them?

I'd love to hear what you think so drop me a comment :) 

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