Monday, 9 June 2014

Cynthia Rowley 1873 completed ~ The Pinup Girl Dress

Hoorah, hoorah she is complete!! And I wore her today and I love her!!!!!

Worn with Asda wedges and a belt I borrowed from my mama.

I am so proud of this make.  I wore it yesterday to go and collect my daughter from my mums and decided it was so pretty I needed to go out for a nice coffee at Brodie Country Fayre.  I'm pleased and geekily excited to say there were lots of looks from other ladies and I think (so did hubby) that it was well received.  

Now I do admit that I struggled not to scream out loud 'it's a duvet cover from Asda' and 'you can make one too' at anyone who gave it a second glance but in the end (with a bit of help from full mouth due to a scrummy prawn wrap) I did manage to hold it in.

I have realised today that I'm not a very good model.  I honestly didn't know how to pose so you're getting the best of a bad lot here including pictures complete with a gnome . . . . Don't ask! 

'I would like to thank my adoring fans and public for this most prestigious award (an Asda Gnome ~ I do promise I'm not sponsored by Asda haha)'

So back to the dress.  I've been making this forever so you guys know by now that's it's a Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 1873 creation with a gathered skirt rather than pleats, reason being I couldn't get the material to hold the pleats properly.  I really enjoyed making it this and I see a few more in my future possibly even one with the afore mentioned missing pleats.   I will most definitely be using sheets again too because for one they are so big cutting out is easy peasy! Plus talk about cheap!!

Next up on my sewing table is the Colette Sorbetto which is for my sewalong (if you missed my last posts on this you can find them here - Sewalong  and here - Part 1 ) I'm going to make my wearable muslin out of the same sheets as this dress actually so yay for lots of material!

As ever I thank you for taking the time to read today, have a good one, Gem xxx


  1. I love this - fantastic.. shared it on Twitter @dinkythinks so hope more people get to see your creativity!

  2. Saw this on Twitter and just had to say what an inspired make! Just lovely!

  3. Saw this on my Asda newsletter & had to come over & say Well Done!!!
    The dress is lovely & really looks good on you. Way to go on recognising that a duvet cover is just a very big piece of fabric.
    Hell if it worked with curtains for Scarlett, why not a duvet cover. LOL
    Worthing, West Sussex

    1. Aw thank you for coming over :) It's been so exciting having Asda showcase me :)

  4. I saw this on Asda too. Lovely dress. This and all the pillowcase dresses I have seen online inspired me to make a dress for my four year old using offcuts from a sheet I had used to back a quilt (I always use sheets to back quilts - so much cheaper and easier). Using a free patter from Prudent Baby ( my daughter now has a gorgeous and very economical hot pink MuuMuu.

    1. Oooh that is an awesome pattern! I'm going to try that one out for my lg thank you! I've always wanted to quilt but find I have so much on my 'to make' list I've never gotten further than thinking about it :)