Thursday, 31 October 2013

What am I up too?

Hello all

Sorry it's been so quiet the last couple of days but I was on a self imposed sewing ban until I could resit my Driving Theory Test, it was the only way I could guarantee I would study for it!  So last night I sat it and passed so here I am!

So what am I working on??

So for Project 2014 I treated myself to a lush Ohhh Lulu Grace Knickers pattern and some plum, frilly material.  What do you think?  Have you read the Ohhh Lulu blog?  If you love lingerie you should give it a read.  The lady Sarah who is the brains behind the blog and the brand makes some wonderful creations! 

I've had my knitting needles out this week and been making another Lacey Ladder scarf for a gift for my step mother.  I had hoped it would be posted by now however a sick Bug has put paid to that plan.  Don't you just hate this time of year for all the horrible illnesses on the go?

How beautiful are the colours in this version? I really hope she likes it! 

Another Project 2014 task I have on the go is harvesting this little lot, donated by a wonderful friend, for buttons and fabric for making new things to wear!  Ooh it's so exciting! 

Thank you for baring with me and dropping by, Gem xx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Oh my Blythe . . . .

Hello all 

For this week I am on a self imposed sewing ban as I need to study for my driving theory test so I thought I'd introduce you to one of my other passions - Blythe Dolls!

For all original pictures and sources please check out my Blythe board on Pinterest. You will find me under Gem Smith.

What are your passions? Hobby wise I mean not family and friends.  Perhaps you like to read, visit galleries, play tennis, please feel free to share.

I've got to go back to studying now but enjoy the pics, thank you for reading, Gem xxx

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Thursday morning thinking.

Good morning all!

I'm up this morning with ideas for refashioning on my mind!  I have a project in mind for both Bug and Squish and one for me too!  I'm supposed to be taking a sewing holiday until next week as I have my theory test for driving to get through first but cutting out doesn't count does it??  Hopefully I can get some of it done in the next couple of days.

Last week I finished this project:

But I can't show you the end result til it's in situ so to speak, but here's another sneaky peak.

As of yesterday I now have 2 Facebook pages running alongside the blog.  One is  purely for Project 2014 and the other is for Bug and Squish.  Come and join me!
Also did you know you can add Bug & Squish to your BlogLovin roll?

In other news I've got my knitting out again and am gift making! Not for Christmas this time, just because!  I hope my recipient likes what I've made.

Well best go for now I've got a driving lesson to get ready for.

Enjoy your day everyone and thanks for stopping by, Gem xx

Ride 'em cowgirl!

Hey all!

Today I am postie stalking, waiting for a parcel of yummy Riley Blake Sasparilla!  Do you know it at all?  Here it is!
This is already earmarked for a project which I have to say doesn't always happen when I buy fabric, a lot of things I buy, have delivered, look at, stroke then either fold and pop in my stash cupboard or eventually make something with it months later. I'm somewhat of a hoarder.  Anyway, I digress, this fabric is going to become a long sleeves peasant dress for Bugs Christmas and possibly a pair of either lightweight trousers for Squish or pj bottoms, depending how the mood takes me.   At the moment I am all about the trims too so I guess I'll have to go shopping for some!! Oh *sigh* that is such a hardship for me (insert winky face).

So have you started getting prepared for Christmas? 

Thanks for popping in by, Gem xxx

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A sneaky extra post . . . .

Can you guess what I am working on?  Come and join my Facebook page for Project 2014 and make your guess! 

Changes are afoot!

As a little girl I always imagined that I would become one of those really well turned out women with a beautiful home.

A' la Bree Van De Kamp (image borrowed from
figured I would have my own, very definite style and would look well groomed and polished all the time.  

The reality is that while in my early twenties I looked 'nice' a lot of the time and 'scrubbed up well' for nights out, I have never been very good at choosing clothes that suit me or sticking to a beauty routine.  

Fast forward to 2010 when I was pregnant and gave birth to my first child, Bug, and things just got worse! I call 2010-2013 my dark years for appearance because quite frankly I look terrible the majority of the time however I have recognised this and things are a changing folks!  

In preparation for my Project 2014 (you can read about this here) I have taken a long hard look at myself, saught advice and researched into the wee small hours and have come up with a plan for my new look which will become 'my look'.  

I'm thinking modern vintage!  I love the way our ladies of the  40s and 50s looked and I hope to channel that in the way I look and in the clothes I make however what I don't want is to look 'made up' or like I'm in fancy dress.  It's a fine line people.  

So in that vein expect to see lots of sewing and new makes in the coming weeks as I prepare for 1/1/14!

So tell me, do you have a look or do you just wing it and hope for the best?

Feel free to comment, I love a good chat

Thanks for visiting, Gem xxx

Monday, 21 October 2013

Feeling inspired!

Hello all

Recap: this arrived on Saturday

I'm just going to dive in and tell you that I have spent this whole weekend, after receiving my fabulous book,going through Gerties blog with a fine tooth comb! I LOVE THIS BLOG!! If you don't already read her, click on the link and start! Seriously!  I fear I may have turned into a slight 'Gertie Fanatic' but I believe you will become as hooked as me if you jut click the link!!  I actually went back to the beginning of her blog, read EVERYTHING and, rather helpfully I think, I pinned A LOT of her tips and tutorials on my Pinterest to make life a little easier for myself and of course you! 


Here's the board and I'm Gem smith on there so hopefully you'll find me :) 

Ok raving over for just now, all be back later!

Thanks for the visit, Gem xx

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Behind the blog

Hello all

Today I thought it might be fun to start a little series of posts where you can get to know a bit about me . . . .

So here I am.  

You know so far I am Gem, a sewing mama of 2 littles, Bug (3 year old daughter) and Squish (9 month old son) and I'm married to the love of my life Mr Smithero.  We live with our Puss Cat Pepsi Lola in the North of Scotland.

Pepsi Lola - a fan of our bath!

I have been interested in sewing from a young age but, despite buying my first machine aged 22, I didn't start taking it seriously and learning until I turned 28.  Ever since then I have been trying to soak up as much information as is possible on sewing as well as trying to sew as much as possible on an evening when the kids allow.  My favourite things to work on are clothing projects for myself and the kids.  I admit I find children's clothing fairly easy but ladies is a whole other board game!  I mentioned my Project 2014 in this post ( sorry I have no idea how to hyperlink using the app! )which I'm really very excited about, it's a learning curve but one I'm looking forward to. So expect to see lots of those on the blog! 

In terms of creativity and crafting I will turn my hand to most things.  I'm an avid knitter, albeit a learning one, and for a year I had a tutu making business which was fun for me!

This is just a little introduction to me as I mentioned but I will come back with posts like this every so often if you're interested? 

So this week I am planning on lots of reading as a pose to actual sewing as I know if I bring Sadie (my machine, I'll introduce you to her next) out Ill get lost in my sewing and forget that I am really meant to be studying for my driving theory test! As a treat in between you can bet your boots I'm reading my Gertie book!

Hope this hasn't been too boring for you!

Thanks for stopping by, Gem xx

Creating cuteness!

A sneaky peak of something im working on:  

Can you guess what it is? 

How about now? No? Ok maybe I'll show you more tomorrow then!

Today I took delivery of something wonderful! As it arrived I ran through the house screaming 'Gertie, Gertie!' To the amusement of my hubby!

Mark my words you'll be hearing a lot about this book as I work my way through it!

So plans for the weekend?

Thanks for popping in, sorry for the shortish post but sleep deprivation has kicked in big style and the ability to use words isn't quite with me!

Bye for now, Gem xx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Christmas Preparation

This year, for the first year ever I am attempting to make as many of my Christmas Presents as possible.  I've already made a good start with my knitting.  I've been knitting for years but have only just discovered the fabulousness of larger needles!  They are so much fun to knit with!!  Do you use them?  I've used the same pattern for a few presents this year as what I uses for my mums Christmas present last year.  It's called the Lacy Ladder Scarf pattern and you can get it for free on Are you already a member? You should join as it gives access to thousands of knitting patterns both free and paid for!

So what do you think of my makes so far?

Thanks for stopping by, Gem xx

Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Project 2014

Are you on Pinterest?  It's, in my opinion, one of the best websites, for creative ideas EVER!  That's me below so do come and find me, I love seeing new followers and having a look at new boards!

When you find me you will see that not only do I have a pretty serious Blythe obsession, I have a board named 'Project 2014 Inspiration' Over the next couple of months you will see me mention this fairly frequently however as it's a challenge I have made a FB page which you can 'like' and share my journey and even join in if you wish! (I'll give the link to this in a couple of weeks)

So I better explain what it is right?  Project 2014 is my New Years resolution. I don't normally make one but I'm really going to try for 2014.  Ok so the idea is this:

For the whole of 2014 I have banned myself from buying new clothes for myself, instead I can buy second hand, refashion clothes I already own or make things from scratch!   

I'm so excited by this challenge!!

What do you think? I'd love to read your thoughts, and would love to see anything you guys make that might inspire me!

Ps I know this makes me look super organised, it is only October after all but to make sure I don't fall at the first hurdle I obviously need to get some things made now to be ready! 

Pps this challenge goes right down to my underwear but I won't be showing you that so you'll just need to take my word for it! 

Peasant dresses

Ever since I had my daughter, Bug, I've wanted to make her a peasant dress (or 10) but I hadn't gotten round to it until last week. 

I made the one below for her 3rd birthday,

 and because it turned out so well I made another one


for my friends daughters 2nd birthday.

I used this fantastic, easy to follow tutorial from The Trendy Treehouse blog.  Check it out.  What do you think? Have you used this tutorial too?

I will definitely be making more so expect to see them soon!

I've also been making paper bag skirts as you saw in my last post so made another to go into the second birthday parcel with the dress.

Thank you for stopping by @ Bug & Squish today, Gem xx

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

October girls

Hello friends of Bug & Squish, thank you so much for baring with me. 

I'm back today to share with you my most recent makes. October is one of my favorite months and not just because it's when my beautiful Bug made her first appearance.  I am a big fan of the 'colours' of October. The wickedly bright oranges and daring deep purples really float my boat so to speak! For that reason I decided that this year, because I had the time, I was making my beautiful girl a Halloween skirt in a simple paper bag style. 

What do you think? 

Friday, 4 October 2013

Returning soon :)

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I posted but we have had a few things going on at home which have meant my sewing projects have few and far between.  However now I am back on it and will be posting again.

Look out for my Halloween Skirt post tomorrow and expect me to be posting weekly at least again soon.

Thank you for your patience!