Saturday, 19 October 2013

Behind the blog

Hello all

Today I thought it might be fun to start a little series of posts where you can get to know a bit about me . . . .

So here I am.  

You know so far I am Gem, a sewing mama of 2 littles, Bug (3 year old daughter) and Squish (9 month old son) and I'm married to the love of my life Mr Smithero.  We live with our Puss Cat Pepsi Lola in the North of Scotland.

Pepsi Lola - a fan of our bath!

I have been interested in sewing from a young age but, despite buying my first machine aged 22, I didn't start taking it seriously and learning until I turned 28.  Ever since then I have been trying to soak up as much information as is possible on sewing as well as trying to sew as much as possible on an evening when the kids allow.  My favourite things to work on are clothing projects for myself and the kids.  I admit I find children's clothing fairly easy but ladies is a whole other board game!  I mentioned my Project 2014 in this post ( sorry I have no idea how to hyperlink using the app! )which I'm really very excited about, it's a learning curve but one I'm looking forward to. So expect to see lots of those on the blog! 

In terms of creativity and crafting I will turn my hand to most things.  I'm an avid knitter, albeit a learning one, and for a year I had a tutu making business which was fun for me!

This is just a little introduction to me as I mentioned but I will come back with posts like this every so often if you're interested? 

So this week I am planning on lots of reading as a pose to actual sewing as I know if I bring Sadie (my machine, I'll introduce you to her next) out Ill get lost in my sewing and forget that I am really meant to be studying for my driving theory test! As a treat in between you can bet your boots I'm reading my Gertie book!

Hope this hasn't been too boring for you!

Thanks for stopping by, Gem xx

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