Monday, 21 October 2013

Feeling inspired!

Hello all

Recap: this arrived on Saturday

I'm just going to dive in and tell you that I have spent this whole weekend, after receiving my fabulous book,going through Gerties blog with a fine tooth comb! I LOVE THIS BLOG!! If you don't already read her, click on the link and start! Seriously!  I fear I may have turned into a slight 'Gertie Fanatic' but I believe you will become as hooked as me if you jut click the link!!  I actually went back to the beginning of her blog, read EVERYTHING and, rather helpfully I think, I pinned A LOT of her tips and tutorials on my Pinterest to make life a little easier for myself and of course you! 


Here's the board and I'm Gem smith on there so hopefully you'll find me :) 

Ok raving over for just now, all be back later!

Thanks for the visit, Gem xx

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