Saturday, 7 June 2014

Help me!!!!!!

Last week I started showing you my current stash and talking through ideas I was having for it.  I would welcome any input from you guys with what you'd like to see me make so either comment here, email me @ or fb me (I'm super contactable haha)

Ok so next up to show you I have this stunning piece of genuine, vintage silk from China.  It was originally bought in 1967.

Isn't it beautiful? It's so so soft to touch!  This was given to me as a gift from a wonderful lady who used to taxi myself and Bug to the next town over 3 times a week as Bug attended a School for children with additional needs there and at the time couldn't deal with the bus.  Anyhow I digress.  She gave me this on the condition that I make something for one of her favourite little passengers but I'm so stuck what to do with it that will so it justice! She told me her mother made her pjs when it was first bought and they sounded beautiful but I think maybe I have 'first cut' fear! All I've managed to do with it so far is stroke it! Haha. Help me please!!!! 

Thanks all, Gem xx

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