Friday, 25 July 2014

Butterflies and glasses

So this week I have been continuing on with my unselfish sewing.  Well actually one project wasn't sewing but drawing with Dylon pens but I'll explain that later.  

Ages ago, like months *hangs head in shame*, my mum made a simple request for a little pouch that she could pop her glasses in when she didn't need them at work.  She didn't want anything rigid as she needed to be able to pop it in her pocket and it didn't need to be protective in any way, told you a SIMPLE request.  I had ideas for it straight away but other projects seemed more exciting so I put it on the back burner and then. . . . I forgot!
She reminded me last week though and I felt so bad I gave it priority. 

This little baby took 10 minutes to cut out and another 15 to sew (purely due to swapping feet for the zip) so I do feel bad it took so long but hopefully she will like it.  As you can see its nothing fancy to put together but I forgot to take pics as I went.  I do intend to do a tutorial for one of these soon though so if you are a new sewist you might want to look out for it. 

My second 'make' this week was this butterfly design tshirt for my little lady.

I cheated and used a rtw (ready to wear) tshirt that I picked up at the supermarket and some Dylon pens.  Again I am going to do a little tutorial for how I did this so keep an eye out for that.  As you can see my drawing isn't exactly amazing but I only intended it to be a quick project to cheer up Cordelia so 'job done' I think! 

Next on the list I will be creating a little template and making so retro tie baby headbands for a friends little and also I am working on another Sweet Tea Tunic.

So what you working on just now? Gem xx

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