Monday, 14 July 2014

Sorbetto # 1

 So I finally got myself together and made a Colette Sorbetto.  If you've not heard of it, have you been living under a rock?, click here -> Colette , to go directly to the free PDF.

Initially I arranged to do a sewalong for this but due to many, many, at home issues including a teething baby, an at home accident and the kids summer holidays, I really dropped the ball and lagged behind everyone else as I just couldn't get time to do it.  Which in hindsight is ridiculous because it is such a quick make especially If, like me, you cheat and use shop bought bias binding.  I am not going to apologise for this fact, oh no, because I am a complete convert to it! It's soooooo stupidly easy to use and looks amazing and crisp when finished!

Ok anyhoo, back to the subject matter at hand (wow I ramble, sorry bout that).

In my birthday post I showed you this material bought from Dunelm.

I was gonna make a skirt but sacked that of in favour for the Sorbetto so ignore the zip peeps.

Right off the bat it shall tell you that my version is probably a lot longer than others you have seen and that is because I'm long in the body so I adapt every pattern by adding between 2 an 4" to the length.  I am so glad I used 4 for this particular project as it means my beautiful (In my opinion) top can tuck into my shorts-win!

Putting the pattern together was amazingly easy as it's only 2 pieces.  The pattern recommends making bias binding but as I said up there ^^, somewhere, I cheated and bought some.  I used a black 1" and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

I got mine from a local craft shop called Bee Crafty but you can get it all over the place.

Attaching the BB was super easy. 

Here is the first part of my BB sewn on (I I used it for the neckline and also both armholes btw) I then ironed it and top stitched it all the way round.

It looks super sleek doesn't it?  Also check out that sneaky front pleat.  Because I used such a busy material it's not the easiest thing to see in pics, well in real life it's also pretty subtle, but it is there and I love this touch.  It's my favourite part of the Sorbetto actually. 

I finished it hem with BB too, what do you think?

Woops you can't really see it but you get the gist right?

Also I totally forgot to take a pic of it tucked into shorts when I wore it but here is a rough idea of how it looks tucked in (minus that awesome BB) to my Zebra skirt. 

In conclusion I ADORE this pattern and it's on my to do list to make again.  Have you made this too? Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you have so I can have a nosey.

Ok all, bye for now and thanks for reading, Gem xx


  1. I was looking at this fabric just last week - I was thinking it would make a pretty not very tailored summer dress for me. It looks fabulous as a top - and I haven't come across this pattern before - I'm surprised, as I am on a tight budget and am constantly googling free makes.Have you seen this free pattern from the V and A? I am looking for the perfect fabric for it - and possibly a diet so I can do it justice....
    Your top is gorgeous, love the bias binding. Some things I think I am meant to buy, not make - puff pastry, bias binding....

  2. Oooh thanks for the link, I hadn't seen that one but in definitely going to download it. I think you're right too, puff pastry and bias binding can be left to others to make :)

  3. Spoke to soon - on Sunday I cut out a sweet little apron, and ten realised I had made it with hellish curves which could only be sorted with bias binding -ended up making my own with a bit of left over sheet from a quilt backing - and it was great - first time I have made my own, so maybe I will change my mind. And speaking of sheets did you see what someone else had done with an Asda Pinups duvet?

    1. But you've not gone and made puff pastry too have you? ;)

      Yes!! I saw it the other day, it's gorgeous! I've started following them on Instagram too :)