Friday, 15 November 2013

Down memory lane

I recently spent a wonderful afternoon with the paternal grandmother of my husband.

 Infact we spend lots of lovely afternoons together but this one was exceptionally fun as I started to wander down memory lane with her.  I've got a huge need to gather as much information about our family as I can in order to share our heritage with Bug and Squish once they get older. 

We initially started talking about how she and her husband met but was quickly diverted to discussing fashions when she brought out her photos!  I asked If I could share these pictures with you and lucky for you all she said yes! So here's my 2 favourite to whet your appetite.  They have inspired a ton of new ideas for me! 

So here we go:

Isn't she beautiful? I am in love with this dress! Polka dots are one of my favourite patterns ever!! I love the bateau neck on this dress however it wouldn't suit busty me (lol) so I'd change the neckline but it really suited her.  Also check out the doggy! I've kind of covered it's wee facey with the border so look: 

This particular dress has inspired me to get my Polka Dot on for Project 2014 so last night I ordered this fabric.  I'm thinking either a skirt or a dress.

Infact as I added the picture to this post I was reminded of a stunning fifties style pencil skirt I bought to wear during my school work experience at a local solicitors office. It was beautiful!! A pencil skirt complete with flounce along the bottom! I bought it from our local Red Cross shop and style it with super high heels!  Ah I loved it so much and felt uber glamorous!! I wonder if I'll go down that route again?

I've had to crop this picture right down as it included 4 other ladies which is why it's a funny size, just in case your wondering.

Anyway the dress!  Slash neck again and a beautiful full skirt!! It looks like the fabric might be floral.  I do love old photos but sometimes it's so hard to make out the details isn't it?  Oh how these pictures make me wish I had started sewing for myself a long time ago, I could live in these styles daily! I WILL live in these styles daily you mark my words!!  Along with my polka fabric I've also got this coming and I'm thinking if my Cynthia Rowley turns out well I may do another in this:

Although I do really fancy this pattern too *hint hint hubby if you're reading* 

With this is mind I'm wondering is their anyone in particular you look to for inspiration? 

Happy weekend everyone! 

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