Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Blythe Challenge


Do you remember this post when I told you about my slight obsession with Blythe dolls?  

If not I'll tell you again!!! I absolutely LOVE them and if I could change myself I'd want to look like one.  It's ok if you find that weird, hubby does! Anyhoo so I love them and they will feature in this blog LOTS mainly in the form of The Blythe Challenge now I do appreciate not everyone knows what they are so here is a wee link. 

Check out my Pinterest (Gem Smith) you'll find a board on them. 

'What is this challenge??' I hear you cry! Well as the meerkats would tell ya it's 'simples'

Anyone taking part will be sent a Blythe picture by me and the aim is to use it to inspire a make.  This 'make' can be as close to or as abstract to the picture as you wish and can be anything! An item of clothing, an accessory, a quilt ANYTHING the only stipulation is that it must be a sewn item (or knitting). 

I want to see people Go wild!!

So pop in on Monday to see the first Blythe Inspired make from Eleanor from the blog CraftCreaseCrumb and the Facebook page of the same name. 

If you fancy giving the challenge a go feel free to drop me an email at

And I love chatting for feel free to drop me a comment below.

Bye for now! Gem xx

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