Monday, 25 November 2013

Blythe Challenge Lauren

Hello everyone,

I'd like to introduce you to the second of my Blythe challengers today so without further ado I bring you:

Lauren is a lovely lady who I met through a few Facebook sewing groups but have since become friends with in real life!  How mad does that sound? 

'Im a foster carer from south west scotland, I love to sew and have an addiction to fabric'. (She's not lying about the addiction folks, what Lauren doesn't have in her stash isn't worth having!) 

Lauren learned to sew at school but has been doing it as a frequent hobby for the last couple of years.  Along with sewing children's clothes Lauren makes gorgeous quilts which you can see on her lovely page on Facebook,  Made By Lolly S

I sent Lauren this picture 

Original source: Custom Blythe Clementine by Rabbit Without Tears

Laurens make . . . 

A sweet baby girl dress in age 6-9month.

Complete with back sash and delicate frills.

When I asked Lauren why she got involved with this challenge this was her reply:

'cause I'm daft!!! Gem made idea sound interesting so thought 'why not!!' 

I think the inspiration Was clear from the get go, very girly and the same colour scheme.  

'The picture terrified me but after lots of stressing and panicking I made a decision'

Didn't she do a wonderful job?  It's most certainly the kind of dress I'd have put Bug in as a baby!

Thank you for joining us today Lauren! Hope you have a busy festive period at Made By Lolly S

Do you fancy taking a turn in the Blythe Challenge?  Drop me a line at and we can chat.

Thanks for reading, Gem xxx

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