Friday, 22 March 2013

On reflection ......

Last week I showed you a WIP, do you remember?

I was following a fantastically easy 3 -Tiered Skirt Pattern from Simple Simon & Co. This tutorial is so well written just don't attempt it on very little sleep or leave your material lying around with a toddler and a permanent ink pen and you'll be fine!!

A catalogue of issues including: the pen incident, a wonky bobbin and a hole (or two) when unpicking the sewing done with said wonky bobbin resulted in a 2 tiered, very short mess which landed itself in my scrap bin!! It was what I would refer to as 'an epic fail!'

However this morning a certain Bug went investigating and found something exciting in the scrap box . . . . And loves it!! She has bounced and twirled about in it all morning! So on reflection not a fail at all!! ( please excuse the odd socks, photo and jeans combo, she picked it out herself, a bit Carrie Bradshaw perhaps?)

I can't wait to try this tutorial again and next time, get it right!

Thank you for the visit and I'd love to see your versions of this skirt! Gem xx


  1. I am glad it wasn't an "epic fail" after all ;)

    1. Me too! I've had another bash at it anyhow and am quite happy with the results. I will post about it tomorrow morning :)

      Thanks so much for stopping in to see me xxx

  2. Aw, I didn't know you had a follower and love the pic :)