Monday, 18 March 2013

Monkey Mei Tai Mayhem!

In the last week I have discovered the joy of baby wearing!

It all started due to a need to find a way to get out and about with Bug and Squish. Since Squish has arrived Bug has regressed somewhat and isn't walking about the way she did before. Initially I thought a double buggy would solve the problem even more so after a successful first trip out to the local Supermarket. However the next day my little girl decided a double buggy wasn't not her ideal mode of transport and the wee man obviously agreed as he screamed my house down when I put him in it too. *sigh* So with the buggy gathering dust (it's for sale by the way) I had to find another option and baby wearing was it!

I already had a Moby which I bought when girl child was a small but she was never that interested and preferred the pram so I dug that out and guess what? The boy now loves it!

He didnt to begin with mind you, but I think that was due to him sensing my lack of confidence with it. With a little help from a friend, Jemma, from The Moray Sling Library we are now both alot happier with it.  You can find them at

This week we have borrowed 2 other carriers as they have a great rental scheme.

We are trying out the Monkey Mei Tai for my 2.5 year old and the Osha Aqua Fade in a 6 which can be used for either.

We've had a great day today playing about with them. I would love to hear about your baby wearing experiences so feel free to commen below.

Thanks for reading, Gem xx


  1. I am going to use a sling when we have another. I don't fancy leaving my little one outside at nursery why I take my squish in. Plus getting out and about is easier. Just need a baby now lol x

  2. They are definitely a good idea. We are loving our baby wearing. Sending lots of baby dust your way xxx