Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pin Cushion Swap

Recently I have gone a little swap/ challenge/ competition mad in a bid to motivate myself and increase my skills. I find it stops me sitting at my machine for an hour debating about what to make which is something I'm extremely guilty of. More than once poor Sadie (my machine) has been put to bed having not made a thing.

Anyway I digress. Recently the lovely Lisa at Sweet Little Pretties organised a pincushion swap which I took part in.

I opted to make my pin cushion for an international swappee so I didn't include pins in the mail (I wasn't sure if I was allowed) so here is what I sent.

My swappee mentioned she liked purples so purples she got. I hope she likes it. I also hope it doesn't collapse on its journey!

Are you taking part in any swaps? What motivates you? I'd love to hear.

Take care and thank you, always, for the visit, Gem xxx

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