Friday, 13 December 2013

Super busy and sick!

We are all sick in the Bug and Squish household so apart from Christmas presents being slowly worked on I've not had much chance to do any sewing but I have been out on a couple of driving lessons in my little car Siouxie.

I said recently I'd do some 'getting to know me' posts so here is a little story which should give you some insight into my mind.  

This was a conversation I had with my driving instructor the other day.  Discussing the road markings for roundabouts.

Me: so go with the markings written on the floor and if none left for straight ahead.  Wait a minute how weird is that? In the house we have a floor right and a ceiling. Outside ceilings are called roofs so you'd really think their would be another word for floor for outside right???!

Julie:  eh yeah Gemma their is, the ground!

Me: oh my god so there is!!! 

Days later we discussed this were laughing and I said 'oh my god and roof has the same letters as floor except the L that's well spooky. 

Julie:  looking at me like I have 2 heads

Me:  looking like my mind has been blown with enlightenment.

Not til I was relaying the whole thing to My husband did I think.  'Oh dear floor and roof aren't the same so that's not spooky at all!' 

Lol poor Julie having to put up with this!

Please tell me I'm not the ony person who says stupid things like this? Gem xx


  1. HEHEHE That story reminded me of the time in college when my roommate and I were having a conversation about how evil is just love spelled backwards...but then you have to change the i to an o...and we though we were soooooo deep!