Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas has taken over!

Oh Christmas present making has taken over my evenings! Normal service will resume soon! 

In the meantime I can show you this:
the wool I chose to make my Miette , what do you think?

I also picked these up for Christmas pressies but I can't show you what I've made til after the big day boooo!!

Do you make your Christmas pressies?  I'm trying to do it myself or support handmade, just hope my pressies are well recieved!

Ok peops short and sweet for now but I will be back soon! 

Thank you, Gem xx


  1. This makes me feel guilty! I've not sewn any Christmas gifts yet. As time is running out I was thinking maybe I could make a batch of these luggage tags and put a Christmas message in them... You sound much more organized though, happy Christmas sewing :)

  2. They look fab! I made a huge dent I. My Christmas knitting this weekend so I'll get onto the sewing this week, fingers crossed it all turns out well!