Monday, 2 December 2013

Cynthia Rowley Muslin Take 1!

For about the last week I have been working on my first ever muslin for this dress.
I blogged about it here I am determined to make a good job of this so a muslin seemed essential and thankfully I went down that route because . . . . 

the first one came up too small.  Now I'd love to blame the pattern (hehe) but essentially what happened was, I took my measurements, decided on the size, then cut the wrong one oops! 

Although the size was incorrect this muslin was not a bust as it allowed me to practice drawing out my pattern

and practice making darts

Onwards and upwards to the next version!

Oh incase you are wondering my muslin is made out of a fitted sheet I bought from Asda and removed the elastic from. I will definitely be buying more of these!

Next version coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by, Gem xx


  1. I reckon your can use this muslin, don't just go a size up, make this one work for you (less work lol). I reckon it looks like it is the right size in the shoulders so I would slash it open where it's too small and pin on fabric where is needed- You can transfer it to your pattern and then make a new one. Well that's just my two cents :) good luck on your muslin adventure!

    1. Johanna I failed at replying to this and made a new comment instead lol. The comment below is for you :)

  2. That's a good plan! I went a size up last night then panicked and went 2 up lol! That was a disaster! Tonight I did the next size up and it's slightly baggy at the bust so I'm going to amalgamate the 2 sizes and see how that looks!

  3. Oh yey you started this pattern! Me too but I havent gone for a muslin...I've barged straight in with my fashion fabric, but it was cheap so I can risk it. I'm doing version A and just got the bodice and sleeves done last night, looking forward to seeing how yours goes.

    1. Ooh Zoe (oh I don't have the dots for above your e!) I can't wait to see yours! I've decided I'm going to make a version be recycling some fabric first too so a wearable muslin before I cut my good fabric because I have a sneaky suspicion I'm gonna need to order more!