Friday, 30 May 2014

Pinup girl dress

So you may remember a while back I started making the Cynthia Rowley  1873 Simplicity pattern? Well I may have hit a slight stumbling block in that I may have accidentally run out of material! I know, I know rookie error! But I loved the pattern and was desperate to get it made soooo in stepped some fantastic PinUp Girl sheets which I bought from Asda! 

Aren't they fabulous? I also lovethe  other 2 sets in this pic so they may end up being turned into pretties too.

I started off by taking all the seams apart on the bedding and washing it.  I always prewash my fabric and then I started creating my bodice.  I used the lovely ladies for the main fabric and the fantastic pin dots for the lining.  

The bodice came together really well and I am particularly proud of the lining up on my darts on the back.  Check out that shoe!!! At first glance it looks like one shoe but it's actually a 'cut n shut' of two! *insert proudface* 

The bottom of Simplicity 1873 is made with a pleated skirt which I had intended to create however the material proved to be a bit too soft to hold the pleats so I went with gathers and I really loved the end effect round my waist.

Once I attached the skirt and bodice I decided to add the 22" concealed by hand rather than by machine for 2 reasons. 1) Sadie was being a complete pest (my machine) and I didn't quite trust her not ruin my dress) and 2) I have recently become obsessed by Homeland season 1 and I kinda wanted to watch it in peace while I hand stitched without the noise of a machine. Oh actually there's a 3 aswell! 3) Handsewing is soooooo calming for me and I really enjoy it so it was a win/win. . . win!

So the last thing to do is hem this baby, buy shoes and get her photographed to show all you lovely people :)

Thanks for stopping by Gem xxx

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