Saturday, 25 January 2014

Project 2014

Hello all!

So we are 25days into 2014 and true to my word I have bought NO new clothes. I haven't actually made any either but I am planning something as I type. I still have a few things on the back burner but unfortunately progress in the Bug & Squish household has been fairly slow due to an extreme lack of sleep and therefore motivation and energy!  

Hopefully I will have something to show you after the weekend, I'm prewashing fabric as I type!

I've not been completely idle but I did have a disaster making a gift which led to tears of frustration and me feeling I needs to hide my knitting needles for a couple of days!

We were very lucky to welcome a new baby into the family recently and so I had decided to make a blanket.  I created a pattern and set in motion.

This is the start of it

It looks slightly rough here but I can guarantee it would have been gorgeous had I not dropped the stitches about 50 rows in! And of course I hadn't marked the first lines of my pattern repeats so I couldn't find my way back.  I've since started it again so hopefully it will be finished and with baby soon.

Ok all have a good weekend and thanks for reading, Gem xx

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